Our Story


Family owned and operated

Gold Vibe Kombuchary was founded by brothers Patrick and Sean Millar in late 2018. With not much more than an incredible recipe and a dream, they set out to provide their local community with the healthiest, tastiest and most unique kombucha beverages possible. 

Hand crafted

All products are made using traditional fermentation techniques and methods.

It starts with a brilliantly balanced Oolong tea that is sourced fair trade and organic and then brewed to the perfect strength in house. After inoculation with an heirloom kombucha SCOBY(symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) which has been tended by the Millar family for over 15 years and optimal levels of fermentation has occurred in food grade stainless steel tanks, they lovingly create each unique blend with 100% organic fruits and herbs. Unlike other companies, Gold Vibe does not add juice to kombucha to flavor it. All of the products are flavored by fermenting using whole fruits and herbs during a secondary fermentation. Extracts, essences, preservatives or concentrates are never used.  This “whole food fermentation” method is unique in the hard kombucha world and gives our product an unparalleled smoothness that you have to taste to believe.


As nearly lifelong members of the Grass Valley/ Nevada City area, our vision is one that enriches our community through sustainable environmental practices and living wages for employees and take on opportunities to give back to the community through donation and fundraising. We believe that all good things are community based and believe our company is no different.

Music and the arts

Supporting and collaborating with artists and musicians is central to Gold Vibe. During the 2019 pandemic, Sean and Patrick created Gold Vibe Live - a live streaming music channel which helped keep live music happening. They have since opened Gold Vibe Kombuchary tasting room and events center and moved the shows into the real world and have had the pleasure of hosting many of the best local artists in the region.