Gold Vibe Kombuchary Launches Beer!

Grass Valley, CA - Nestled in the Sierra Foothills and a few miles from the historic downtown sits a local gem — Gold Vibe Kombuchary and taproom. Word about the good vibes and tasty booch is getting out and people are flocking to this Third Place community spot regularly to hang with friends, family, and well-behaved dogs. 

While Gold Vibe continues to make award-winning Hard Kombucha, 2022 winner of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of the Great International Beer, Cider, Mead & Sake Competition, sometimes a little change is good. Taproom locals asked for beer. Gold Vibe co-founders listened and answered with a beautifully crisp Hazy IPA. 

“Brewing craft beer is similar to brewing kombucha. It was a natural evolution to put the ‘Gold Vibe’ spin on a familiar favorite,” said Sean Millar, Gold Vibe Brewmaster and co-founder.

Booch and Beer are best buds. As mentioned in the article in The Union called ‘Striking Gold: Gold Vibe Kombuchary expands to beer,’ its been an intention for awhile for Gold Vibe to expand its craft and launch beer. Today, locals can zip up to the taproom Monday-Sunday to enjoy Gold Nugz or find it distributed throughout Northern CA. Gold Nugz playfully pays its respects to the bountiful harvests of Nevada County with notes of wet pine trees and dank nugs. 

About Gold Vibe Kombuchary

Gold Vibe Kombuchary is a family-owned brewery, tasting room, and venue in the Sierra Foothills in Grass Valley, CA.

Starting in 2018, the co-founders had a goal to bring a unique, whole-food fermented soft kombucha to the local community. A year later, Gold Vibe Hard Kombucha launched as the first distributed hard kombucha in Northern California. In 2022, Gold Vibe Kombuchary expanded its production facility and opened a 24,000 sq. ft. tasting room and event center. Along with top-selling hard kombucha, Gold Vibe has recently added beer to the lineup of products offered locally, online, and through distribution partnerships. 

Gold Vibe Kombuchary has a story focused on grassroots efforts, the arts, and strong integrity around brewing methods and organic ingredients. Gold Vibe Hard Kombucha continues to win awards and the taproom remains the highest-rated brewery in the region.

Gold Vibe products are available in the refrigerated section of several Sacramento, Bay area, and Humboldt grocery stores, tap houses, and restaurants. Ask for it by name.

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